Katherine McCann

Katherine McCann is an award-winning cosmetic tattooist, qualified journalist and educator. She is considered an innovative thought leader who loves to ‘blend worlds’, combining her tertiary knowledge and practical skills. Unafraid to face challenges, Katherine is not easily intimidated by scars, deformities or abnormalities that can appear impossible to correct and which can cause much pain and embarrassment to those who are afflicted, often as a result of trauma or illness. She regularly receives referrals from colleagues who are relieved to send to her some of their most difficult corrective cases to treat.

With her innovative techniques, Katherine is carving a new niche in Corrective Procedures utilising her talent in cosmetic tattooing. She skillfully transforms botched work, asymmetry due to age, illness or deformities, due to accidents, restoring balance and symmetry wherever possible with amazing outcomes.

Speaker Info
The Science of Symmetry: Exploring Techniques and Benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing and other Modalities in Ptosis and Facial Ageing Conditions.