Revolutionising Scar Management: Unleashing the Power of Micro-pigmentation

Scars can occur for a variety of reasons, from skin disorders such as acne, chickenpox, burns, accidents, cancer or poorly delivered procedures - they regularly appear in your salons and clinics. Disfigurement from scars can be a great source of stress and embarrassment for the individual.
Discover the groundbreaking potential of micro pigmentation in scar management as Katherine McCann in this presentation explores its transformative role in the field and the incredible potential for collaborative opportunities with skin therapists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons.
In this presentation you will gain insight into:
  • The psychological impact of scars and the crucial role of scar camouflage in restoring self-confidence.
  • A deeper understanding of the diverse types of scars and their unique challenges.
  • Colour matching pigment selection demystified.
  • View the artistic skills that can deliver incredible natural results.
  • Gain insight into compelling case studies.
  • Gain an appreciation of the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach for optimal scar revision results.
Katherine McCann
Katherine McCann