APAN Aesthetics
Conference 2019

Monday, 27 May – Gold Coast


Legends Mantra, Surfers Paradise

We are delighted to announce that this year the APAN Aesthetics Conference is expanding.  We are changing our format to provide you with amazing additions to our programme giving you extra value. The event will still run over one day, but the lecture structure will expand from Six Lectures to 16 Lectures.


What to expect

This year we will also be launching an additional 6-10 lectures, 15-MINUTES each.  This segment will focus on PROBLEM-SOLVING SOLUTIONS providing you with the latest strategies and technologies for achieving leading treatment outcomes and results.

We believe the new format will provide you with a stronger two-pronged approach:

  • Global education on the latest scientific advances
  • Practical solutions you can immediately implement

These two segments will deliver an excellent balance of the very latest in education, as well as techniques and technologies for practical solutions to some of the more challenging problems you encounter in your practice.

Meet some of the industry’s leading experts in a vibrant and dynamic event and share a day of learning and fun with other like-minded professionals.

There will also be some additional inspirational features that will make your experience even more memorable, but we are keeping these as a surprise.

Join us for an incredible day of leading education, fun, and a banquet lunch like you have never seen before.

Be first to learn the latest developments. We know this year will be an exciting and memorable experience for you. We can’t wait to share it with you.


Keynote speakers

Laurence Walsh

Prof. Laurence J. Walsh, AO

Specialist Photobiologist

Nicky Wood

Nicky Wood, ND


Tiina Meder

Dr Tiina Meder

Cosmetic Dermatologist (Switzerland)

Derek Richard

Derek Richard PhD

Cancer and Ageing Researcher

Phillip Fernandez

Phillip Fernandez

Director of Wizard Consulting

Jacine Greenwood

Jacine Greenwood

Senior Lecturer and Ingredient Science Expert



Legends Mantra, Surfers Paradise

25 Laycock St, Surfers Paradise QLD

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Beautifully located near the beach, Legends Mantra is the perfect accommodation for the APAN Aesthetics Conference. We have secured some amazing rates starting from $115 for a deluxe room, why not bring your family for a holiday as well.

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List of topics

8:30-8:45AM WELCOME

Are you up-to-date with the latest in industry regulatory developments?

Known as the industry watch-dog APAN has a strong focus and commitment to initiatives that will protect and support the integrity of the profession.

Always on the cutting-edge of industry developments and regulations, Tina Viney will present an update on the very latest news on both regulations and industry changes. As a practitioner or business owner, this information will be invaluable to you.

Tina Viney – CEO, APAN

Dr Tiina Meder is an internationally-renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist with over 25 years’ experience in Aesthetic medicine and a regular speaker and educator at medical conferences worldwide. She specialises in the development of topical solutions for aesthetic concerns, as well as theoretical research of their safety and efficacy. She is the founder of Meder Beauty Science and author of the book, The Urban Myths of the Beauty Industry.

This lecture will address the specific role of the skin’s microbiota and how it impacts conditions such as acne, rosacea, seborrhoea, psoriasis and eczema. Dr Meder will also discuss strategies on how to restore these skin conditions to better health.

Dr Tiina Meder

Do you wish to learn successful ways to strengthen wellness outcomes with your skin and body treatments?

Wellness strategies have come a long way from the simplistic approach of the past. Learn how to combine successful body shaping techniques to reshape the body and tone the face through new-generation advanced technology and techniques.

Ronald and Helen Greenberg are highly qualified practitioners who will also be expounding on how to achieve leading results, while also supporting wellbeing through protocols that enhance detoxification and improved circulation.

Ronald and Helen Greenberg
Diamond Natural Beauty

Do you wish to learn the fast, new way of eliminating wrinkles?

Learn how neuromodulating peptides delivered through very specific protocols can achieve significant improvement in wrinkle-relaxation and improving skin texture with results that will rival injectables.

The Myo-Fix six-step protocol was developed by Dr Tiina Meder in Switzerland after many years of clinical research. This is indeed a unique technique that will impress you.

Dr Tiina Meder
Spectrum Science and Beauty

Professor Laurence J. Walsh AO is a specialist clinician with 30 years’ experience in using multiple types of lasers and IPLs in practice. As a trained photo-biologist he has worked to explore many aspects of the safe use of lasers and intense light with patients, and he has published widely in the laser and biomedical optics literature. He has contributed to the development of Australian laser safety standards for over 25 years and is a senior lecturer at the University of Queensland.

This lecture will provide you with a new understanding of photo-biology and how to practically use this knowledge when determining correct treatment settings for various skin conditions. An amazing and dynamic presenter this lecture is a must for all laser and IPL practitioners.

Prof. Laurence J. Walsh

Do you know how to differentiate between melasma and hyperpigmentation and determine the effective way of treating each condition?

This lecture will help you gain valuable information on the origin of each condition and how, to successful target the problem with specific protocols, strategies and technologies to achieve leading treatment outcomes.

Metro-Dora Clifford

Did you know tattoo removal is one of the fastest growing treatments in demand?

More than 15.5% of Australians will get tattoos in their lifetime and over 40% will at some stage wish to remove them. Whether you have introduced tattoo removal through laser, or wish to expand your scope of practice by introducing saline solution tattoo removal this lecture will provide you with invaluable information on how to achieve safe and effective results and provide a popular and in-demand treatment.

Carol Dinis
A+ Ocean

Professor Richards is a Chief Scientist of the Cancer and Ageing Research Program, Translational Research Institute, Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. He specialises in Biochemistry and Cell Biology Microbiology, Oncology and Carcinogenesis.

This lecture will present the global advances and breakthroughs in cancer research and how they translate to skincare. The role of epi-genetics in cancer, skin and skin wellness as well as what epi-genetic ingredients are now scientifically-validated for their anti-ageing properties and in supporting skin health.

Derek Richard

Do you wish to learn the new modern approach of effectively lowering inflammation and skin ageing?

Inflammation is a complex biological function designed as one of the body’s major defence mechanisms. But when inflammation is consistently activated it can lead to low level and chronic inflammation to DNA gene expression.

Learn how with scientifically-optimised doses of key active ingredients you can create a positive epi-genetic effect and help reduce inflammation and skin ageing.

Lynette Rouse
QALIN Scientific Skin Wellness

This lecture will present the effects, contraindications, treatment protocols of Dermaplane. What you can achieve by adding this treatment to your services and the skin types that can benefit from this procedure.

Riana Janse van Rensburg and Karen Geiszler
DermaplanePro Australia
12:30-1:30PM LUNCH BREAK

Jacine Greenwood holds a degree in nursing and qualifications in cosmetic chemistry. She is a renowned lecturer and educator both in Australia and internationally in her area of expertise, which is ingredient science. Jacine has a wealth of knowledge in new trends in cosmetic ingredients. Her lectures are delivered in an easy-to-understand manner and she loves to empower therapists to understand their skincare ingredients and use them wisely.

In this lecture, you will learn about skin structural changes as they are impacted through climatic changes, specifically during the winter months. The role of physiological lipids versus the non-physiological lipids, humectants and emulsifiers and how to effectively restore skin balance.

Jacine Greenwood

Do you want to learn how to optimise pigment retention in your tattooing procedure?

When it comes to cosmetic tattooing the issue of pigment retention is a critical factor to ensure client satisfaction with the end result and this is an area that often challenges practitioners as well. There is nothing more frustrating than when pigment changes occur, which have the potential to contribute to client anxiety that the procedure is problematic, or has failed to meet their expectations.

In this lecture you will learn the factors that contribute to unstable colour retention and how to effectively manage this problem for a more success outcome.

Robert McGowan
THink Aesthetics

Do you wish to know the cytokine pathways that you need to target to eliminate post-inflammatory erythema?

When delivery skin rejuvenating treatments it is understood that post-inflammatory erythema can contra-indicate many beneficial treatments that would otherwise improve the skin. This lecture will address ways to eliminate this condition and which cosmetic actives and cytokine pathways need to be targeted to achieve excellent results.

Jacine Greenwood
Roccoco Botanicals

Nicky Wood is a qualified and experienced Naturopath with over 22 years in clinical practice. She is also a qualified Clinical EFT practitioner, keynote speaker, spa industry business consultant and published health writer.

Gain inside information on the very latest research findings on the gut microbiome and what science is discovering. Learn why this information is important to both you and your clients. This knowledge will help you understand how to bene t both mental and physical health and provide you with further insight into this amazing topic.

Nicky Wood

Phillip Fernandez is a renowned Human Strategist, business coach and author. He has extensive experience in both the corporate world as well as the Hair and Beauty Industry and understands the challenges in both business growth and sta performance facing business owners in a fiercely competitive industry.

This lecture will help you redefine your own identity. Starting with you as the business owner, it will provide you with the tools to refine your personal brand and establish effective strategies for more personable and successful engagement with your staff and clients.

Phillip Fernandez

Could you benefit from having your own evidence-based skincare formulations that can give you greater control of dose and results in your skincare treatments?

While many advanced procedures require pain-management and therefore need safe and effective compounded anaesthetic formulations, there is more that can be compounded exclusively for you.

In this lecture you will learn the various options available to you and how they can help enhance your results.

Chris Testa and Brigitte Paroissien
Tugun Compounding Pharmacy

Are you aware of how consumer behaviour is changing when it comes to litigation?

In this lecture Suzanne Sparrow-Crisp will present the latest statics, how consumer behaviour is changing and how you can best protection yourself and your business from the stress of litigation.

Suzanne Sparrow-Crisp
The Sparrow Group

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