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Monday, 12 August


Grand Hyatt, Melbourne

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What to expect

FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS of the new conference design on the Gold Coast, our Melbourne event will also deliver a rich and diverse educational program.  The new format will move from 6 SPEAKERS to 16 SPEAKERS covering a diverse range of topics include PROBLEM-SOLVING segments, providing delegates with exceptional value.

Here is what you can expect:

The conference will consist of SIX 30-MINUTE LECTURES on topics relating to:

  • Scientific advances
  • Technology
  • Regulations
  • Ingredients and Skin Science
  • Business strategies
  • Consumer trends

This year we are including additional 15-MINUTES lectures with a focus on PROBLEM-SOLVING SOLUTIONS providing you with the latest strategies and technologies for achieving leading treatment outcomes and results.

The new format will provide you with a stronger two-pronged approach:

  • Global education on the latest scientific advances
  • Practical solutions you can immediately implement

These two segments will deliver an excellent balance of the very latest in education, as well as techniques and technologies for practical solutions to some of the more challenging problems you encounter in your practice.

Meet some of the industry’s leading experts in a vibrant and dynamic event and share a day of learning and fun with other like-minded professionals.

A truly deluxe experience awaits you as the Grand Hyatt will provide us with a beautiful scrumptious lunch to make you day extra special.

This is a professional development certified event.  Delegates will receive 6 CPD Points for attend together with their Certificate.

This is just a one-day event.  Be first to learn the latest developments. We know this year will be an exciting and memorable experience for you. We can’t wait to share it with you.


Keynote speakers

Donna Cameron

Donna Cameron

DHHS, Vic. Gov

Tanja Vriljic

Tanja Vriljic


Dr Ben Chan

Dr Ben Chan

CEO Integrative Health

Deb Farnworth-Wood

Deb Farnworth-Wood

Author and Entrepreneur

Phillip Fernandez

Phillip Fernandez

Director of Wizard Consulting

Donna Marçal

Donna Marçal

PhD, Researcher



Grand Hyatt, Melbourne

123 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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List of Topics

8:30-8:45AM WELCOME

Each one of us is a unique human-being with special talents, gifts and attributes. However, our life experiences can change our perception of who we are and how we show up in our world. In this lecture you will learn how to overcome limitations and release your authentic self. You will gain new insight on how to tap into your gifts and identify them in others.

Tina Viney

As a professional, you are required by law to abide by your state’s Health Regulations, as well as Infection Control Guidelines for the procedures you are performing.  With new modalities constantly entering the industry these laws are updated from time to time to improve consumer protection.  However, Health Laws can sometimes be misinterpreted. To bring clarity to this subject for both practitioners and business owners we are pleased to welcome Donna Cameron.

Donna Cameron is an Infection Control Consultant with the Microbiological Diagnostic Unit Public Health Laboratory and Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control Unit at the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services where she provides infection control advice to non-acute healthcare facilities and other community-based practices, such as beauty therapists and cosmetic tattoo artists. She also co-ordinates the development of the Infection prevention and control guidelines for hair, beauty, tattooing and skin penetration industries which was released in May 2019.

Donna Cameron

The power of microbiota is now well researched with on-going scientific discoveries of new probiotic strands with specialised capabilities. This lecture will present valuable information on the role of gut microbiota and how it can impact mental health and overall wellbeing. It will also present how understanding the skin’s microbiota can help you transform your clinical results.

Tanja Vriljic holds a Bachelor of Health Science. She is a Naturopath with a background in aesthetics and is the Director of the clinic Sanctum Skin + Health + Beauty. Tanja’s love of skin management, coupled with her naturopathic skill, provides a unique service to her clients. With this knowledge she is able to identify and rectify problems both internally and externally. She is extremely passionate about skin and gut health and with this knowledge she is changing lives and achieving great success in both areas.

Tanja Vriljic

Australia is a nation of diverse cultures and as a dermal therapists, or aesthetician you are confronted with skins of varying ethnic origins with their unique set of considerations and the need for a different clinical approach. In this lecture you will learn important protocols when addressing ethnic skin types and how to treat them using laser, IPL and other technologies.

Dr Chan is the Medical Director of the Cosmetic Institute of Australia with over 30-years of experience in cosmetic medicine and in treating a variety of skin conditions. He is a highly respected cosmetic dermatology educator for doctors, nurses, and dermal therapists, worldwide. Dr Chan has also established four Skintech Medical Cosmetic Laser Clinics across Melbourne and Adelaide, and is well-known especially within Asian communities due to his expertise in treating ethnic skin. 

Dr Ben Chan

Every business today needs to have a social media presence. However, often amateur strategies can deliver a hit and miss approach wasting valuable time and energy. In this lecture you will learn the key considerations you need to have in place to achieve important business growth and the opportunity to gain formal training in how to master your social media needs.

Trish Hammond is an experienced, award-winning blogger and a highly skilled professional in the competitive world of cosmetic medicine. She has first-hand experience in how to effectively use social media tools to establish reputation and achieve business success.

Trish Hammond,
Director, Plastic Surgery Hub

Today, consumers have new expectations and these often cannot be achieved with outdated approaches to treatment outcomes. Combining technologies has the capacity to provide you with new and improved results that will boost your reputation and your revenue. However, this process must not be random, but scientific. This lecture will expand on this topic and present valuable information on why sequence of technologies is important.

Nancy Abdou is the CEO of The Australian Dermal and Laser Institute. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education majoring in Science, as well as extensive education and experience in skin science and light-based technologies.

Nancy Abdou,

The issue of workplace theft is a topic that interests every business owner, but within our industry the statistics are alarming, in many cases the culprit can be one of your best therapist or staff member. This lecture will uncover very interesting statistics and provide you with an effective strategy on how you can take control and protect your business.

Deb Farnworth-Wood is the founder of the world-leading medi-aesthetic franchise known as the Australian Skin Clinics. She acquired ASC during the global economic downturn and with her ingenious capabilities, she developed ASC into a leading franchise worth over $70 million in just a few years. Deb has worked with numerous staff members and knows first-hand the frequency that theft is happening in the workplace. She has devised an effective strategy to help you curb and manage theft in your business.

Deb Farnworth-Wood
12:00-1:00PM LUNCH BREAK

While your treatment results are important, as is your marketing strategies, research is identifying a new growing trend that is influencing client loyalty. That trend has a great deal to do with the quality of the relationship that you develop as the pivotal factor in business performance. Today’s clients seek more than a commercial transaction from your services and products, rather they are drawn to meaningful human connections – a memorable exchange of human interaction that will remain with them long after they have left you.

Phillip Fernadez is a renowned human strategist, mentor and business coach, with extensive experience. His high-in-demand methods are transforming businesses by improving staff engagement and client loyalty. In this lecture Phillip will present key attributes that create meaningful relationships and enrich the client’s experience.

Phillip Fernandez

Cosmetic formulations are now required to deliver exceptional results. This lecture will address emerging delivery systems in skincare formulations. The importance of product stability and protecting the functions of actives through antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. You will learn how we can best harness amazing ingredients from nature, while protecting their original functions and ensuring ingredient purity and bioavailability.

Dr Donna Lee Marçal has a PhD in Biochemistry and has specialised in human inflammation for over 15 years. She has been awarded several research fellowships for her research on macrophage-mediated inflammation.

Dr Donna Marçal

With the many changes that are redefining and broadening the industry’s scope of practice, how are businesses adapting and evolving to meet the growing needs of consumer expectations?

We are inviting a panel of experienced business owners and educators to debate effective strategies and bring insightful and valuable solutions to these challenging times. Please bring your questions to present to the panel as this will be an interactive session.

Panel of business owners and educators

With advanced in technology ingredients are now able to more readily penetrate the skin giving rise to the issue of ingredient safety that is also consumer centric. In this lecture you will learn about some of the newer and exciting natural extracts for skincare products. You will learn about trending ingredients in the industry and how they can benefit your treatments and your clients. Since coming to Australia in 2007 Dr Donna Marçal has continued her research, which has also led her to co-found the skincare line Dermatonics – a unique, natural, bioactive product that is distributed through their clinic-exclusive skin care products.

Dr Donna Marçal

In a world of high competition there are numerous claims made for products or treatments that are driven through marketing hype and not scientifically substantiated. As a professional what should you be looking for so you don’t fall into this trap? In this lecture you will learn how to base your decisions on credible strategies and how this can not only elevate your reputation as a knowledgeable professional, but also safeguard your treatment outcomes to deliver on their promise.

Terry Everitt remains an acknowledged multi-skilled thought leader in the movement to bring a scientific evidence-based knowledge to the aesthetic field of care. An accomplished and very competent Higher Education Senior Lecturer and prolific writer, Terry remains at the forefront of the art and science of skin care.

Terry Everitt
Australasian College of Health and Wellness

With increased regulations around the aesthetics industry, comprehensive and updated consultations are becoming pivotal to minimising risks, ascertaining the client’s expectations and creating an effective treatment plan in order to support and grow a successful business. This lecture will highlight a new free-to-use app that will be a game changer for your practice helping you deliver relevant, consistently up-to-date consultations, protecting you and your business and enabling you to provide the best possible client experience.

Georgie Mathierson has been working with Timely for the past 18 months leading the Industry Growth team, focusing on industry specific growth strategies that are modern and meet with today’s ever-changing industry demands.

Georgie Mathieson
Timely – Business management and appointment software

As research investigates the validity of traditional non-invasive techniques, we are seeing the resurgence of old technologies with a modern twist.  One of these is Power Cupping with Turbulence which is based on the Einstein theory.  This technique delivers amazing results for both skin and body wellness and it is now available through advanced technology that can deliver precise and measurable benefits.

Helen Greenberg is a qualified paramedical aesthetician and also holds qualifications in Molecular Biology and Psychology from the University of Adelaide. Together with her husband Ronald they are innovators of world-leading skin, spa and wellness techniques and technologies that deliver incredible results, while supporting the wellbeing of the individual.

Ronald and Helen Greenberg
Diamond Natural Beauty

Where commercially manufactured products tend to have a one-size-fits-all approach, compounding provides solutions for your clients’ individual differences. In this lecture you will learn about the power of customisation and the invaluable solutions in can provide, especially with individuals who suffer from allergies and other health concerns, requiring a more customised approach, for cosmetic preparations, nutritional supplements, or even for topical anaesthetics.

Chris Testa is Australia’s most respected compounding pharmacist and the foremost expert in compounding formulations. He is the author of APAN’s on-line course on The Safe Use of Topical Anaesthetics and is acknowledged as a leading authority in this very specialised area of customised formulations.

Chris Testa, Compounding Pharmacist and Senior Lecturer
Tugun Compounding Pharmacy

While consumer expectations are constantly changing, so are the statistics on litigation. In this lecture you will gain amazing insight into the current landscape of consumer litigation compared to the previous five years, what are the most common incidents where consumers choose to pursue legal action and key strategies to have in place to avoid being sued and gain maximum protection.

Sue Sparrow-Crisp is a specialist insurance provider servicing the beauty industry, cosmetic tattooing, laser and cosmetic medicine and beyond. She has extensive experience in insurance in excess of 16 years and also has a strong understanding of the dynamics and risks of this industry.

Suzanne-Sparrow Crisp
The Sparrow Group

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