This year APAN in introducing an additional stream of workshops delivered by companies and their trainers, which will be part of the conference program. These will allow delegates to observe protocols and treatments in a more intimate environment, ask questions and even participate in the treatment. There will be no additional cost to delegates to also participate in these workshops.
Each workshop with provide an opportunity for delegated to gain in-depth knowledge on a variety of topics from equipment protocols for enhanced treatment outcomes, as well as ways of avoiding the risk of reactions or burns.
Each workshop will only accommodate 25 delegates so, pre-registration is essential, as attendance numbers are highly restricted.
All presentations on 14th and 15th July will be video recorded (except for the Cyber Security session), for you to revisit at your own place.
Please note: The workshops will not be video recorded. Only in-person delegates will be able to access them, so if you wish to attend any of the workshops please register to attend in person.


The changing face of Hydroxy Acids

In this workshop you will learn how to use this new generation of Hydroxy Acids safely and effectively, and the results you can expect to achieve. You will also gain new information of efficacious ways of combining these protocols for a variety of skin conditions and ways of combining them with other treatments for a new level of treatment outcome.

MM Medical Aesthetics

Microcurrent and IPL

In this lecture you will learn about the incredible benefits of using Microcurrent for lifting and skin tightening and the numerous benefits you can achieve with this technology. You will also learn why Microcurrent is gaining popularity especially in the post-pandemic era and the new sophisticated technology that combines EMS for more effective toning, as well as a hydro-dermabrasion and diamond dermabrasion.

Additionally, you will learn how to optimise your IPL results, safety considerations and effective ways of combining your IPL with other modalities to improve skin rejuvenation, pigmentation reduction and for treating problematic skin conditions. You will learn about BBL/BBR skin rejuvenation and important tips for better IPL treatment outcomes.

Eve Taylor (London)

Skin and Wellness Transformational Techniques

Eve Taylor, OBE is the pioneer and renowned educator of modern-day aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage whose time-proven techniques continue to lead the way for incredible treatment outcomes. This year Eve Taylor celebrates her 60-year milestone.

Eve has also formulated her own skin and body products utilising powerful botanical essences, including high quality essential oils. Her products are formulations with the latest biotechnological methods and deliver exceptional clinical results for a variety of skin conditions, as well as excellent body care solutions that extent to enhance overall wellbeing. Her unique systems and methodologies are currently taught in over 2000 colleges in the UK and the global popularity of the brand is favoured in over 45 countries world-wide.

In this presentation you will be introduced to the Eve Taylor unique SYSTEMS OF ANALYSIS and protocols. You will also witness some of her incredible facial massage technique that includes lymphatic drainage and specific pressure point techniques that delivers amazing skin improvement, while also lowering stress hormones and enhancing mood and relaxation.


Lesions and Red Vein Removal

Skin tags and vascular lesions can be unsightly and can interfere with wearing jewellery.

Removing these lesions is an ever-growing in-demand procedure, easy to perform and very rewarding for both the client/patient and the practitioner.

In this presentation you will view demonstrations and gain in-depth education on:

  • Appropriate skin evaluation for lesion removal
  • Demonstration of safe and effective skin tags and permanent lesion removal
  • Permanent red vein removal
  • Potential ongoing treatments for your client or patient

Procell Therapies

Microchanneling – the next generation technology for superior results

Attend this workshop and experience a live treatment using the unique, clean microchanneling tapping technique delivered through an award winning, TGA registered device to create over two million microchannels with consistent erythema at a depth of 0.25mm with minimal downtime. Follow your treatment with the application of Mesenchymal stem cell serum that deriver cytokine and growth factors (referred to by world-renowned dermal needling expert Dr Lance Setterfield as a “Message in a Bottle”). This treatment protocol stimulates pre-existing cells to greater levels of function, enhancing exceptional skin rejuvenation.

Light Frequency

Learn About Swiss Bioptron Light Technology and Experience the Exceptional Benefits for Skin

This workshop will allow you to personally experience this technology as well as learn how to optimize skin treatments in your clinic.Bioptron Light Therapy is a patented technology manufactured in Switzerland and established in more than 60 countries worldwide including Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia. Bioptron is used by Cosmetic, Laser and Beauty clinics all around the world. In Sydney, Bioptron is used at Concord Public Hospital in the Burns Unit for treating second-degree burns.

The Bioptron cosmetic light therapy system produces incoherent, low energy, hyperpolarised light with wavelengths from 350nm to 3400nm covering visible and infrared light incorporating the C60 fullerene molecule. Bioptron Scientists have recently developed the unique Fullerene C60 filter which has greater skin penetration and depth for faster results. The Bioptron hyperlight filter incorporating the C60 fullerene molecule is one of the broadest wavelength ranges of any light therapy device while excluding (UV) light.


Maximising the Benefits of Professional Skin Peels for your Business

This workshop is designed to showcase how skin peels help enhance patient satisfaction and improve profitability.

During this session, learn how to:

  • Enhance patient satisfaction.
  • Increase revenue.
  • Improve your reputation and credibility.

During this workshop, you will view a peel demonstration showing how quick and easy peels are to implement in your practice.

Issada Clinical Formula

Enhancing your clinical results with the latest in skincare technology

The fundamental requirement that will optimise your skin treatment results, whether anti-ageing or addressing a specific skin condition will be contingent on optimising the skin’s health and its immune response. ISSADA is excited to introduce the latest ingredient technology innovation that will revolutionise and take your results to the next level. Attend this workshop to learn more about this scientific breakthrough and how the ISSADA Clinical Formula brand can provide you with both leading products and winning business strategies.


Stem-cell formulation – the answer to Skin Repair and Renewal

While stem cells are becoming more and more popular when introduced within skincare, their safe delivery for skin rejuvenation has its challenges. Now a new patented technology known as S2RM® has identified a novel way of supporting the skin’s natural stem cell proliferation without the potential risks. In this workshop you will witness how to achieve incredible anti-inflammatory, healing and cell-renewal benefits.

As a practitioner, if you are experiencing excessive inflammation following post operative procedures, skin needling, potential burns through IPL or Laser, persistent skin rashes, folliculitis, eczema, psoriasis, or other skin manifestations then this workshop will provide you with answers.

Roccoco Botanicals

Restoring Compromised Skin Conditions and Effective Ways of Treating Acne

If you are struggling with restoring inflamed skin that is compromised, then this presentation will provide you with invaluable clinical knowledge and protocols for restoring the skin’s barrier function and bring it back to homeostasis.

In this workshop Jacine Greenwood will share her clinical protocols for managing and restoring compromises skin within your clinic.

She will also discuss how to overcome any challenges with problematic skin conditions and effective ways of treating acne conditions.

MM Medical Aesthetics

HIFU and Plasma

In this lecture you will learn the latest innovative techniques in achieving successful HIFU treatments for neck and facial rejuvenation, risks and effective protocols and procedures. The different HIFU technologies and what is the significance of the 3D, 4D and 5D, running costs and legislative requirements.

Additionally, Kate Pryor, Plasma technology specialists will introduce the advantage of the new PURISMA Plus, a 7-in-1 multi-functional Plasma device that includes built-in Sonophoresis and Ultrasound enhancing the Plasma for incredible skin tightening benefits. You will also learn how enhancing trans-epidermal delivery of your numbing cream can optimise skin comfort in just five minutes instead of waiting for 20 minutes.

You will also be presented with how to expand your reputation through government approved qualifications and simple strategies of completing one unit at a time.


How to avoid burns and reactions with Ethnic Skin Types

This presentation will review successful protocols for treat pigmentation removal, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation for darker ethnic skin types using various technologies including IPL/Laser and HIFU.

You will learn:

  • Correct skincare assessment for ethnic skins
  • Common reactions and risk management for darker skin types
  • Determining correct settings, treatment parameters as well as correct laser wavelengths to avoid burns and pigmentation
  • Important post-treatment care for avoiding complications specifically with ethnic skin types

You will also learn about the opportunity to upgrade your skills to a government-approved qualification and substantially improve your confidence and treatment results.