Our current topics are listed below. We will be adding more topics as they are confirmed.
Using Your Nervous System to Enhance Your Immune System
Dr Andrew Huberman
The changing face of hydroxy acids
Sarah Hughes
The role of stemcell released molecules in skin renewal
Gay Wardle
Solutions for pandemic related skin manifestations
Tina Viney
Restoring the skin’s barrier function
Jacine Greenwood
Advanced botox anatomy: How to avoid nasty low-face side effects
Dr Tim Pearce
Six lip filler safety tips – how to avoid side effects and complications
Dr Tim Pearce
Turning back the clock on stress-wrinkles
Katy Bacon
Microbiome-oriented skincare as a new paradigm for skin therapies
Dr Tiina Meder
New Microbiome technology – taking results beyond skincare to overall health
Jeffrey Flood
Cyber Security Awareness
Adrian C.
Communicable Disease Control in the Workplace
Matthew McQuilty
Understanding the Regulatory Framework Process
Chris Wold
Cosmetic and Medical Dermal Needling: Possibilities and Risks
Dr Lance Setterfield
Innovations in Resurfacing that Support Optimised Wound Healing
Danielle Hughes
Courage and Conviction: Defeating the Threats That Risk the Future of Our Industry
Panel Discussion
Persuasion is the New Black
Neil Osborne
Biopsychosocial client-centric communication - the new consultation paradigm
Prof. Terry Everitt
Retail - It’s Not a Dirty Word
Iola Ciavarra
Thread lifts – PDO threads – are they worth it?
Dr Davin Lim
How to treat acne scars
Dr Davin Lim
Successful strategies for consumer engagement and business growth
Andy Heyne
The Power of Communication - How Storytelling Can Be Used in the Aesthetics Industry
Kirstie Fitzpatrick
Inflammation and its impact on skin, ageing and disease
Christine Pope
Changes to Facial Fat Distribution and the Impact on Injectables
Dr Giulia D’Anna
The Science of Symmetry: Exploring Techniques and Benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing and other Modalities in Ptosis and Facial Ageing Conditions.
Katherine McCann
Facial Rosacea and Effective Treatment Solutions
Panel Discussion
Advancements in Plasma Technology: Applications and Benefits in Medical Aesthetics
Dr Heidi Karim
The Truth about Home Treatments – What works and What doesn’t
Dr Luke Maxfield and Dr Muneeb Shah
The Secret to Being Calm When Stressed With High Cortisol
Dr Eric Berg
Community Over Followers
Trish Hammond
Striking Eyebrows – How to Achieve Long-lasting Results
Amber Guthery