The Consultation Process for Optimising Results with Hyperpigmentation

Sponsored by DermalogicaPro

Non-medical workshop

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most challenging conditions to treat and the most rewarding when successful outcomes are achieved,
DermalogicaPRO is renowned for its leading formulations and protocols in achieving amazing excellent results when treating hyperpigmentation skin conditions.
Starting with the consultation process, this workshop will discuss the important key points during the consultation and skin analysis that will enable you to achieve safe and efficacious treatment outcomes.
In this presentation, you learn important skin-prepping protocols before a treatment. Determining the appropriate treatment strategy based on the client’s specific Fitzpatrick skin type and important post-treatment procedure to help prevent hyperpigmentation from returning.

The workshop will be conducted by Angela Mcdonald

Angela McDonald has dedicated her career to the skin and beauty industry, with almost 25 years of experience working for leading skincare and education brands. Throughout her extensive career, she has played a pivotal role in educating skin therapists at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Her passion for skin health and commitment to professional development have made her a respected figure in the field. As an educator, she has passionately guided skin therapists, emphasizing the importance of active listening, deep client understanding, and critical thinking.
More recently she is continuing her studies in dermal interventions and is one of the leading trainers for Dermalogica Pro's accredited training in advanced modalities. She has also worked closely with Dermalogica's leading skin therapists and dermal clinicians coordinating Dermalogica's Expert program. Angela's invaluable expertise and logical training approach contribute to a presentation style that is both engaging and easy to absorb.