Discover how to treat Acne and Scarring Simultaneously

Sponsored by Roccoco Botanicals

Non-medical workshop

Discover an innovative way of treating active cystic acne, while also diminishing existing scarring, streamlining the time it takes for your clients to gain clear smooth skin.
In the past, it was common practice to advise acne clients that their skin lesions needed to be cleared first before any scarring could be addressed through further treatments to manage the aftermath of their occurrence.

What will I learn?

This workshop will reveal a new methodology for doing both simultaneously. You will be able to witness a live demonstration and view case studies. Discover how quickly you can achieve clear skin and restore your clients’ skin with excellent results.
Jacine Greenwood is a multi-award winner for her innovative formulations and protocols, as well as her new approach to skin renewal and skin health that defy traditional methodologies.