Cosmetic Injectable

Bionutrilift: The domino effect

Sponsored by Cryomed Aesthetics

Session 1

Bionutrilift – global skin booster

Gain an understanding of the Bionutrilift protocol by FillMed with the use of Art Filler and NCTF Boost 135.
Designed to revitalise, plump, and smooth the skin for a global skin booster effect. Perfect for patients looking for revitalisation with a plumping and lifting effect and perioral area rejuvenation. This treatment is the ideal solution for improving the lack of tonicity and overall skin quality.
Learn the unique treatment approach and injecting techniques and understand the rheology of Art Filler during this informative session.
The presentation will be delivered by Dr Frank Barbagallo.

Session 2

The domino effect – restore v shape, defy gravity, recreate the natural youthful face geometry.

In session two, you will gain an understanding of this innovative approach to face lifting and balancing with the Art Filler range of dermal fillers. This injecting protocol uncovers how injecting in one area can have a positive collateral effect. This new strategic treatment plan uses Art Filler Volume and is based on the knowledge of facial biomechanics principles to achieve an optimal outcome to:
  • Restore the facial V shape.
  • Defy gravity.
  • Recreate the natural youth face geometry.
The presentation will be delivered by Dr Frank Barbagallo.