Be introduced to the next-generation skin analyzing technology, in under 25 seconds

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EveLab Insight provides a revolutionary experience for beauty and skin care consultations with industry-leading technology and artificial intelligence skin analysis algorithms have received numerous patents and global prizes.
We provide highly customized solutions to beauty brands, salons, and more.

Boost product sales with innovation

Online beauty solutions that bring your business to the next level. We provide online solutions for both skin analysis and makeup virtual try-on services.

Build trust with your clients

With EveLab Insight's excellent product recommendation algorithm, each customer can receive a bespoke skin report with product recommendations.
Connect your customers anywhere, anytime.
This will be achieved by:
  • Customized Metrics: Customizable detection dimensions that meet brand’s needs.
  • Changeable Exterior: customizable hardware kits such as customizable logo branding and lights in different colours.
  • User Interface: Taylored UI/UX design according to your brand’s style
  • Flexible and compatible: Internal systems and websites that support embedding your brand.