Turning back the clock on stress-wrinkles

In-Person Session

In this lecture you will learn how to join the dots of the mind-body connection through the neuro-immuno-cutaneous endocrine network (N.I.C.E). Based on the findings of a recent research paper, this lecture will enlighten you on new information that will empower you to support your clients and patience through a greater understanding of how modern stress is impacting the skin and health, and simple techniques to bring about positive changes.

Learning objectives:

  • Offer a whole-person approach to skin health and discover how your business can benefit by nurturing the health and wellness of your patients
  • 'Cultural Stress' has been identified as a modern phenomenon that is pervasive and omnipresent in our lives, as well as a key risk factor for the pathogenesis of ageing related diseases including the skin’s ageing process
  • Explore how novel psychological protocols can improve key physical and emotional markers in just 4 weeks
  • Clinical research suggests that simple, noninvasive intervention could be the key to reducing stress and its impact on patients
Katy Bacon
Katy Bacon