The role of stemcell released molecules in skin renewal

In-Person Session

As skin reactions are on the rise, the challenge of repair is contingent to any success treatment outcome and for sustained, long-lasting skin rejuvenation. Fortunately, new advances in ingredient research are providing us with solutions that we never dreamed of in past years.

One such advancement has identified the role and interaction of stem cells in reactivating our own stem cells for more rapid, efficient, and safe skin repair for even some of the most challenging and traumatised skin conditions.

In this lecture Gay Wardle will present the latest findings on how a novel patented technology known as S2RM® is utilising stem cell released molecules to activate a collection of hundreds of different types of proteins that serve the skin to provide:

  • Building block proteins, such as collagen and laminin
  • Antioxidant proteins such as superoxide dismutase and catalase
  • Heat shock proteins to protect and repair other proteins
  • Proteosomes to repair and recycle proteins
  • Cytokines to modulate the innate and adaptive immune systems from an inflammatory to an anti-inflammatory and pro-repair state.

In 2013, Dr Greg Maguire published a paper entitled, “Stem cell therapy without the cells” to highlight the importance of the molecules released from the stem cells in much of the maintenance and repair of our tissues. The study identified that because the molecules, not the cells, do most of the work, the molecules could be used alone as the therapeutic agent.

Learn more about this amazing technology and how it can support your treatment results.

Gay Wardle
Gay Wardle