The changing landscape of social media in 2024

In today’s digital world, mastering your social media strategy and content are critical components to the success of any business. As with all developing technologies, Social Media management is fast becoming a specialised professional area. Over the past few months changes to algorithms are impacting who gets to see your posts, as well as how you should reformulate your content for optimal exposure and engagements.
Trish Hammond is a passionate and dedicated expert who meticulously studies these changes and trends so that she can continue to deliver leading results to the companies that she services with exceptional skill in their social media marketing.
This lecture will cover:
  • Identifying the current changes and trends in the various social media platforms.
  • What do these changes mean to the aesthetic business moving forward.
  • Effective guidelines in winning in the ‘content production maze’.
  • Gain clarity on what works and what no longer works.
Trish Hammond
Trish Hammond