Solutions for pandemic related skin manifestations

In-Person Session

Emerging studies are now confirming that since the pandemic we are experiencing ongoing physiological, as well as psychological changes that are impacting both the skin, as well as overall wellbeing in new ways. Do you know what these are and how to address them?

Understanding these changes and gaining knowledge through validated scientific evidence will elevate your confidence and empower you to provide an evidence-based approach. This lecture will present the six categories of skin manifestations, as well as other symptoms that you may have already experienced, or potentially will encounter in your practice. By understanding the underlying contributing factors to these reactions, you will be able to confidently provide your clients or patients with a new level of support. Based on a comprehensive review of numerous studies, this information will provide you with real answers and solutions to support your clients with a more in-depth level of care.

Tina Viney
Tina Viney