Re-thinking the ageing skin and the role of topical antioxidants

Universally, the most in-demand appearance improvement objective is preventing and reversing skin ageing. Both men and women of all ages covet the appeal of youthfulness. Constant advances and more sophisticated capabilities of device technologies promise to achieve cellular renewal and stimulate skin cells to return to a more youthful state. However, at the core of skin ageing is the impact of DNA damage.
Dr Belal Chami is a biomedical researcher who has conducted extensive research in chronic inflammation, disease and ageing and the role of antioxidants in restoring skin health. In this lecture, he will present key findings from his research on both what causes DNA damage and new-generation antioxidant compounds that promise a more advanced level of skin improvement. This lecture will cover:
  • The role of accumulated DNA damage in ageing.
  • Identify naturally occurring compounds that promote DNA repair.
  • The new, evidence-based approach to formulating topical antioxidants for DNA repair.
Dr Belal Chami PhD
Dr Belal Chami PhD