Persuasion is the New Black

In-Person Session

There's a curious industry phenomenon, where despite all things being equal, some clinics are hugely successful, while others are not. The real difference in the nuanced art of persuasion.

Revenue growth expert, Neil Osborne, specifically created Spendsuasion® for the Cosmetic and Aesthetic industries. This technique carefully blends 'spending' with 'persuasion' to achieve amazing business growth. Neil will give you the phrases and when to say them to achieve the breakthrough in persuasive conversations with your clients or patients.

Persuasion is the must-have 21st century soft skill to undisputedly boost your clinic's bottom line. In his presentation Neil will explain exactly why it works.

You will learn the techniques that will allow you to improve both your consultation and listening skills and become brilliant at client engagement. Neil will uncover the hidden reasons why your patients want the treatment they are enquiring about and teach you how to skilfully navigate them towards accepting your recommendations without pushing them.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The three proven skills that when mastered, will ensure business success.
  • Learn how to reframe your clients and achieve a 52% increase in acceptance of your treatment recommendations.
  • How to navigate the space between what client tells you they want and what you know they need.

Others may teach you what you must do - Neil will teach you how to do it.

Neil Osborne
Neil Osborne