Microbiome-oriented skincare as a new paradigm for skin therapies

In-Person Session

While microbiome-oriented skincare is currently very much in vogue, not any product that boasts to include pre or probiotics in their skincare formulations will guarantee their effectiveness in restoring the skin’s optimal immune support.

Dr Meder will provide you with the latest scientific evidence and ingredient updates that will allow you to gain expert knowledge and understanding on what is needed to ensure your products are able to deliver on their promise. In this lecture you will learn:

  • Exploring the nuances between microbiome-friendly and microbiome-oriented skin care. What's the difference?
  • Nurturing a healthy skin microbiome throughout different stages of a woman's life
  • Properly changing the skin microbiome: when and how to do it effectively
  • Understanding prebiotic, probiotic, postbiotic, and metabiotic in skincare
  • The top pick of microbiome-friendly and microbiome-active ingredients in skincare
  • The impact of equipment on the skin microbiome and best practices for using it to improve skin health
Dr Tiina Meder
Dr Tiina Meder