Inflammation and its impact on skin, ageing and disease

Online Session

In recent times, the incidences of systemic inflammation have substantially increased within the general community with consequences to a rise in skin manifestations, as well as its impact on overall health. As skin practitioners, we are familiar with the benefit of induced inflammation when attempting to stimulate skin rejuvenation. However, it is also important to gain a clear understanding on how persistent inflammation can impact on ageing and disease, as well as be detrimental to your skin treatment objectives.

To address this topic, we are delighted to introduce Christine Pope, an experienced and highly qualified natural health practitioner and the Director and Treasurer of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Learning objectives will include:

  • A brief overview of the role of inflammation as an immune response.
  • How and why persistent inflammation contributes to systemic ageing and disease state.
  • Practical ways of lowering inflammation through lifestyle and diet.
  • The important role of working collaboratively with a qualified natural medicine practitioner.
Christine Pope
Christine Pope