Communicable Disease Control in the Workplace

In-Person Session

As practitioners and business owners of the personal service industry, it is important to stay current with the changing, and sometimes covert landscape of viruses and infections that we may be exposed to within our practices.

Matthew McQuilty is a Clinical Nurse Consultant with the Communicable Diseases Branch of Queensland Health.  This department is responsible for surveillance, prevention and control of communicable diseases and leads state-wide planning and co-ordination of programs and services to prevent or control communicable diseases, including pandemic and biosecurity planning. Additionally, it carries out state-wide surveillance of a range of communicable diseases, including monitoring trends and detecting outbreaks. 

In this presentation you will learn:

  • An update on standard precautionary measures in the workplace.
  • How standard precautions protect workers and their clients.
  • The threat of Hepatitis B, HIV and other viruses and how implementing

appropriate measure can safeguard your workplace from both contamination and transmission.

Matthew McQuilty
Matthew McQuilty