Jacine Greenwood

Jacine Greenwood the founder and CEO of Roccoco Botanicals. She is a globally acknowledged cosmetic chemist known affectionately in the industry as “The Fairy-godmother of Skin”. Her innovative way of looking at skincare and how it should nurture and repair the skin barrier is paving a rebellious path into the dermal and aesthetics industry.

Having an innovation mindset, Jacine uses unheard-of ingredients and atypical formulations derived from 94% to 100% natural botanical ingredients. The bioavailability of these ingredients outperforms traditional ingredients that cosmeceutical competitors use.

In 2022 Jacine’s company Roccoco Botanicals was the only Australian company and professional brand to be the recipient of the prestige Alle’ Award in New York, which recognises cosmetic ingenuity and innovation. Roccoco Botanicals is the only beauty brand to be named in the 2021 Australian Financial Review FAST 100 and the 2022 and 2023 Financial Times, making Roccoco the fastest-growing beauty brand in the Asia Pacific. Jacine is the winner of the 2022 Gold Coast Women in Business Awards for Innovation and a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2023. Jacine has also been selected as a Finalist in the Women Changing the World Awards 2023 (UK) for her recognition on the international stage.

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Restoring the skin’s barrier function