Chris Wold

Chris Wold is the Principal Public Health Officer at, Communicable Diseases Branch, Queensland. He has worked as an Environmental Health Officer and Public Health Officer for the past 27 years. This has included working for several local government in regional Queensland as an Environmental Health Officer before joining Qld Health in 2004.

While working in Queensland Health he has worked on numerous programs relating to the development of guidelines including communicable diseases including:

  • Responding to disease outbreaks such as measles, mosquito borne diseases, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The establishment of state-wide policies associated with Tuberculosis and immunisation, infection control matters associated with health care facilities and personal appearance services.
  • The development of new legislation and the amendment of existing legislation, supporting the implementation of the new/amended legislation by regulators and industry, as well as policy reviews to assess the application of existing legislation.
  • Chris also holds qualifications in Environmental Health, Business Administration and Policy Analysis.
Understanding the Regulatory Framework Process