How to Ensure Your New Team Member Is the Right Fit for Your Business

Most businesses realised that the success of their business relies on the efficiency and productivity of their team.  However, identifying and onboarding a new team member, synchronising their mindset to reflect your brand is a very specialised area and take knowledge, skill and determination to succeed. 

Teams make or break a business, like batteries, they are either negative or positive.  Lisa Conway will share the quick math that will show you were to look for that answer. In this lecture she will share her extensive knowledge on how to unlock the secrets in building a team of people you love and trust, so you can reap the rewards you deserve – money, time, freedom and choice! 

In this lecture you will learn:  

  • The best use of your time when onboarding a new team member.
  • The winning strategy to determine if a person is a good fit for your business
  • Understand where you are going wrong
  • Put yourself in a position to be attract the right team members
About Lisa Conway

Lisa Conway is the Founder of The ZING Project, an industry-leading Salon Coaching business based in Australia, with clients through Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Lisa has written three books (with a 4th in the pipeline) and is an avid self-confessed health and fitness junkie. Lisa speaks, coaches and writes the same way she approaches life – unfiltered and straight from the heart with passion, humour and a true belief that people hold the secrets to success within themselves. 

With 10 years of establishing and building ZING behind her, she now heads a team of industry-specific business coaches who know the business inside-out. The ZING Project only works with those within the hair and beauty industry.

We believe that if you are to understand the challenges that salon and clinic owners face today, you must have experienced business ownership firsthand.  You need to have walked a mile in their shoes to truly understand and sympathise with where they are coming from and where they have been, to better assist them to get to where they want to be.  Business owners everywhere are delighted that finally, someone speaks their language.

From speaking engagements to writing books, and 30+ years as a hairdresser and salon owner, Lisa has done the work and her no fluff, no BS approach is like a breath of fresh air. People stand up and take notice, they resonate and for the first time, they feel heard and understood. Lisa’s passion is clear from the moment she takes the stage.

Lisa challenges people to step up and take control. Owning a business and having a life is possible for everyone and Lisa will show you that everyone can succeed if they are willing to do the work.