Treating Skin and Enhancing Client Connection Through the Polyvagal Lens

Consider that outside the realm of our conscious awareness, our nervous system is continuously assessing and evaluating risk in the environment or inside our body, making judgments and prioritising habits, behaviour and actions related to that perceived risk in a survival/adaptive based way, not a cognitive way.  Unfortunately, many dedicated clinicians working with a variety of disciplines and modalities are not aware of the different strategies that our nervous system uses and how much that impacts a health journey.

New research on the Polyvagal Theory provides us with valuable information that can help us gain a better understand of a wide range of disorders, including skin disorders as they related to the human experience. This information will enable us to shift the current pathologising paradigm to an empowering, health focused approach! Join us for this fascinating presentation as Pia Kynoch explores the Polyvagal Theory and how it can help us improve our treatment outcomes and our communication with staff and clients.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • The connection of skin and the Nervous System
  • Why the Nervous System Dysregulation blocks healing
  • Understanding Polyvagal Theory and Role of the Vagal Nerve  
  • Understand how our own arousal levels impact on the arousal levels of others 
  • Rethink client (or team) disengagement as an autonomic defensive reaction to perceived threat and lack of connection 
  • Concepts involved in safety – that is absence of fear, as well as the presence of connection 
About Pia Kynoch

Pia’s life’s purpose is to inspire people to positively and profoundly, change the way we think, live and treat our clients through an expanded lens of perspective and knowledge. Her formal studies include; Beauty Therapy, Naturopathy, Corneotherapy, Functional Nutrition, NLP, Lymphatic Massage, Feminine Embodiment Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Quantum Healing, Acupressure, Biology of Trauma, Trauma Informed Therapies, somatic practice, Neuroscience, and so much more.

After 26 years as a hands-on practitioner, Pia has recently moved away from her successful bricks and mortar skin and wellness clinic in Melbourne to solely focus on serving a global audience.  She continues to look after clients 1:1, teaches and shares education to larger groups, is a popular keynote speaker, guest on podcasts, writes blogs and articles.

Pia continuously invests in enhancing and amplifying her knowledge and skills and she genuinely embodies what she teaches to help people in all life stages move past their physical, psychological and energetic limitations and blocks.