Treating Rosacea and COVID-affected Skin Conditions

The introduction of mask wearing to control the spread of Coronavirus has led to the development of skin conditions never-before experienced by consumers. Rosacea, Acne, Seborrheic dermatitis and peri-oral dermatitis have been at an all-time high for the past two years. The skin is exposed to hot humid conditions that favour the growth of micro-organisms that have a deleterious effect on the skin.

 In this lecture Jacine Greenwood-Drummond will present:

  • What is rosacea and what actives are best for treating this condition
  • What is seborrheic dermatitis and what factors does it have that are similar to rosacea.
  • What actives work to repair rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and the maskne.
About Jacine Greenwood-Drummond

Jacine Greenwood-Drummond is the CEO of Roccoco Botanicals and Educated Therapists. She is a fully qualified Cosmetic Chemist and Beauty Therapist and is internationally recognised as an expert in her field. Jacine is dedicated to researching ingredients and in particular, natural botanicals for the scientific evidence of their efficacy. As a result, she has created ground-breaking formulas with exceptional treatment outcomes.