The Power of the Microbiome – Unlocking the Challenges of the Past

In recent years a large body of research has identified the important role of a healthy microbiome for skin and overall health and wellbeing. The gut microbiome – the microbial community in the intestinal tract – is responsible for important protective, immune regulatory and metabolic functions, and as such provides a central line of resistance against the growth of opportunistic pathogens.  In its balanced state, this community of microbiota also plays a critical role in the conservation of mucosal immune function, epithelial barrier integrity, motility, and nutrient absorption. Thus, a healthy gut microbiome helps maintain stasis, defending the body against pathogenic infections.

While there are several known strands of probiotics that can deliver good bacteria to the gut, there are key challenges that must be overcome to ensure they are able to be delivered intact to the colon without being destroyed by gastric enzymes. Now science is discovering a new approach that has identified the power of synbiotics (combining prebiotics and probiotics) which are believed to provide superior results than either therapy alone. Synbiotics however, need to be perfectly paired to be effective.   In this lecture you will learn:

  • How and why the gut microbiome homeostasis is critical in maximising health in every organ in the body
  • How synbiotics are providing a superior solution to enhancing the gut microbiome
  • A new scientific breakthrough provides intact delivery of friendly bacteria to the gut maximising their effectiveness.
  • How these discoveries are benefiting skincare formulations
About Jeffrey Flood

Jeffrey Flood has an awarded academic background in science with majors in Biochemistry, Physiology and Sports Physiotherapy and has been active in the natural health sector since 1990. He has specific expertise in diagnostics, epigenetics, and the innate immune system with a key interest in the interaction and relationship between the microbiome and humans.

Since the sale of his clinical practice group to a public company, Jeff has utilised his diagnostic/analytical skills globally providing leadership, strategy, restructuring, acquisition, finance, and technical expertise to multiple sectors including health, medical, biotech, clean tech, finance, renewable energy, forestry, water, agriculture, strategic land use, artificial intelligence, and robotics sectors.

Jeff is a proven solution driven, strategic innovator, team builder and dynamic motivator and manager of people.  He has a proven ability to quickly analyze key market and commercial drivers, develop strategies and build teams to create successful outcomes in complex situations.  He is currently the Managing Director of the Bio-az Group.