The New Era of Convergence Protocols

To achieve successful skin treatment outcomes, you need to rely on the skilful application and synergistic sequence of treatment protocols. While many businesses have several devices and quality skincare products that allow them to achieve good results, they often fail to maximise their treatment results with superior outcomes.

Over the past decade we have seen a significant increase in new, more sophisticated, device technologies. Meanwhile, on-going scientific studies in cosmetic ingredients are discovering mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication and how the activity of certain molecules have now proven capacity to restore skin health and transform the appearance of the skin. They achieve this through novel delivery systems and formulations that strengthen the skin’s immune function, retore the skin’s microbiome and minimise inflammation.  Introducing the new era of convergence protocols – the evidence-based approach can help you take your treatment outcomes to the next level.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Key principles in achieving an accurate skin evaluation and diagnosis to identify priority needs
  • Establishing and planning your treatment objectives
  • Why and when strengthening the skin’s immune response pre-treatments is important
  • Determining the accurate sequence of technologies for various skin conditions
  • The importance of homecare
  • Bringing it all together for superior outcomes
About Gay Wardle

Gay Wardle is renowned as an aesthetics industry mentor and an internationally recognised speaker and educator. Her work as an educator and practitioner was celebrated in 2014 when she was inducted into both the ABIA Hall of Fame and the Reed Exhibition Hall of Fame.

Gay has a real passion in helping businesses achieve superior treatment outcomes starting with a thorough and detailed skin evaluation and analysis to determine underlying consideration in order to plan a successful treatment outcome.   Gay has completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies and has lectured at universities both in Sydney and Brisbane.

Gay also delivers post-graduate training both through online courses, as well as face-to-face training for salon, clinics and their staff.  Training packages include a personalised one-on-one in-clinic training, with options also for group staff training.  Through these programs Gay teaches her leading and up-to-date protocols that are evidence-based and achieve leading treatment outcomes for some of the most challenging skin conditions.  If you are seeking to raise the standard of your treatment outcomes and enhance your business growth, Gay’s training and protocols will allow you to successfully achieve this.