The Most Powerful Tools for Eliminating Business Uncertainty

When cashflow is tight, but you have a highly effective treatment offering, how do you secure your clients to move forward with your professional recommendation?  How do you engage, maintain and grow your client-base and make it easy for them to undertake the amazing products and services you are recommending them? In this lecture you will learn the most effective way to make this process easy and help you grow your business with less effort and in an efficient streamlined manner.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Increase your business through more affordable, convenient payment options for your clients 
  • Generate new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Leverage committed future income to predict and plan

Unlock the incredible power of recurring revenue to boost the valuation of your business.

About Karl Margrain

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Payleadr, Karl draws on his vast experience in financial services, payments and client membership models for businesses, salons and clinics that he has accumulated over 15+ years in the industry across a multitude of senior sales, strategic partnerships and product roles in Australia and New Zealand.

Karl is passionate about helping clinics, spas and salons attract and retain clients, increase client yield and boost their business valuation through innovative client membership payment initiatives which deliver strong and predictable recurring revenue.