The Impact of COVID on Cosmetic Dermatology

While clients and patients are eagerly returning to resume their skin treatment or cosmetic enhancement procedures since the COVID-19 interruptions, their skin conditions have often substantially changed.  Even though some manifestations may appear very subtle, recent studies confirm that there are more than 100 persistent skin manifested symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 – are you aware of them?  This lecture will present:

  • The latest evidence-based findings and factors that are affecting cosmetic skin procedures.
  • Skin challenges for client and challenges for practitioners.
  • A review of COVID-19 related skin diseases.
  • Female hair loss due to COVID-19.
About Emeritus Prof. Laurence Walsh

Emeritus Professor Laurence J. Walsh AO is a registered specialist in special needs dentistry. Professor Walsh received his undergraduate education in dentistry at The University of Queensland and then undertook a PhD in immunopathology. He started his postdoctoral education at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and undertook his executive education at the Stanford University Graduate School of Management and at Harvard University.

His research interests are in advanced technologies such as lasers and biomaterials. He was Professor of Dental Science and the research group leader for advanced materials and technologies in the UQ School of Dentistry from January 2000 until his retirement in December 2020. During his retirement he remains active in hands-on research work and in supervision of research students. Professor Walsh developed a range of clinical systems and technologies which are in global use, including saliva profiling for oral diseases, and assessment of dental plaque maturity and metabolism to assess dental caries risk.

His contribution to research includes lasers, lasers for diagnosis and treatment, laser safety and clinical microbiology. He serves as an advisor to a range of bodies including ACSQHC, CDNA and Standards Australia. In January 2018 he was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Australia for distinguished service to dentistry, and to dental science education, as an academic and author, to improved health and safety standards, and through roles with professional associations.

Professor Walsh’s extensive knowledge in immunopathology and clinical safety has allowed him to provide valuable educational support to APAN as a regular conference presenter for the aesthetics industry as well as for regulatory matters.  He is also the author of the APAN PAN001: Pandemic Infection Control Program.