The Gut/skin Axis and Its Implications in Acne

Acne is a common condition that is associated with significant physical and psychological morbidity. According to the latest research it is so common in the Australian population that it can be considered almost universal in teenagers, with a prevalence of 93.3% in people aged 16–18 years experiencing acne. Other international studies have shown a prevalence of 85% in people aged 12–24 years, and of 64% and 43% in those aged 20–29 years and 30–39 years, respectively. Acne can be considered a chronic and often an acute disease that can be very challenging to treat, especially if it is only addressed topical. 

New studies link acne to internal deficiencies and in particular, to the microbiome of the gut.  In this lecture Fiona Tuck will discuss the importance of taking a holistic approach when it comes to effectively treating acne and break out prone skin.

In this lecture you will learn: 

  • The gut/skin axis and how it impacts acne skin conditions
  • The impact of blood glucose dysregulation and insulin resistance on acne
  •  Acne diet myths
  • Nutrition fundamentals for healthy skin
About Fiona Tuck

Fiona Tuck is an author, nutritional medicine practitioner and skin therapist with over 30 years’ experience in the professional skincare industry. Her experience ranges from practitioner, clinic owner, educator, product development and media commentator. She is the host of The Forensic Nutritionist Podcast, an evidence-based educational platform on health, nutrition, and skincare and one of Australia’s most televised skin and nutrition experts.

Fiona is the founder of Vita-sol, the leading Australian skin professional nutraceutical brand supporting skin health from the inside out.