The Evolution of Compounding Formulations for Health, Wellbeing and Skin Treatments

This is a panel

During the past two years the pandemic has creates significant changes on so many levels.  Businesses disruptions have necessitated the need for owners and managers to review their services and operational procedures and adapt to new ways of doing business and surviving. 

Meanwhile, during the extensive lockdown periods, consumers have used the time to conduct their own research that have reshaped their views on new advances in cosmetic treatments, skincare formulations, as well as wellness and mental health issues.  But how accurate is the information they have accessed and how has it shaped their thinking and expectations?

Extensive global studies are warning businesses to expect changes to their clients’ expectations on their return. As their expert advisor you have a duty of care to educate them through accurate and sound, evidence-based information.  Are you up to date in your own knowledge? This panel discussion will explore some of the new research findings on skincare ingredients, formulations, changes in consumer expectations and some of the new approaches that are providing better solutions as we move forward beyond the pandemic.

About Chris Testa

Chris is a highly experienced and respected second generation compounding pharmacist, with a keen interest in maximising a healthy lifespan for patients. Chris recognises that we are individuals and solutions to our health issues need to be precisely tailored for best results. Chris’s close affiliation with the Walsh Research Institute, BioBalance as well as with research wth Griffith University, have made him an expert in the field of nutritional protocol. Chris believes in a collaborative team approach involving the healthcare provider and compounding pharmacist working together towards the best outcomes for the patient’s individual needs.

About Ben Eshelby

Ben is a compounding pharmacist and formulating chemist who is passionate about shaking up the pharmacy, healthcare and personal care industries through community pharmacy-based compounding that is compliant to the latest evidence-based science. Whilst he has a deep understanding of the health benefits that compounding may have for an individual, his specialty is the skin and in creating dermatological products that foster a healthy human skin microbiome. As the personal care and cosmetics industry gradually evolves to embrace sound medical, evidence-bases data, Ben is showing that skincare made in a microbiome-friendly manner can in fact greatly enhance clinical results.

After graduating from the University of Queensland, Ben then spent a significant amount of time working as a registered pharmacist in England, Scotland and Wales. Upon returning to Australia, he noticed the same large gaps in pharmaceutical treatments existed.  He is involved in formulating skin products for use in clinical trials, and is a regular lecturer to medical professions, as well as has written papers on the skin’s microbiome as a therapeutic target and the importance of correct formulations.

About Mary-Lou Condon 

Mary-Lou is an anti-ageing health practitioner who specialises in bio-identical hormone balancing, creating wellness, and correcting an epidemic of nutrient deficiencies in her community. She works intimately with clients to balance and harmonise their hormones and restore thyroid function.

She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from The University of Queensland, with a Dean’s Recommendation of Honours. She has also studied abroad in the USA at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Iowa and has over 25 years of experience in the field of compounding and health creation. As an active member of the PCCA Australian Advisory Board she continues to demonstrate her passion for individualising personal healthcare. She then completed her Diplomat with A4M (The American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medecine) in 2015 and has also completed post-graduate studies from the Institute of Functional Medicine.