Proven Strategies to Help You Achieve Growth in Difficult Times

For Deb-Farnworth-Wood, difficult economic times have been inconsequential to her success. This is because she is a true expert on how to prevail over economic challenges through proven business, as well as staff management strategies that have bullet-proofed her businesses against recession.   

During current uncertain times, there is no room for error.  Every business needs to implement sound and proven strategies to survive and to continue to reach their goals.

We are delighted that Deb Farnworth-Wood has accepted to share some of her most proven business strategies that we know will also be invaluable to you in your own business journey.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Successful consumer engagement strategies that lead to business transactions
  • Key branding considerations to allow you to standout within a competitive market
  • How to recruit the right staff and retain them
  • How to measure your success and identify your failures that need change
About Deb Farnworth-Wood

Deb is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the world-leading medical-aesthetic franchise the Australian Skin Clinics which she launched in 2011 during difficult financial times.  Five years later, she had grown the business to 60 clinics across Australia and New Zealand and reshaped an ailing skincare brand, scooping up multiple awards in the process.  She was named Gold Coast Woman in Business of the Year 2017 and was a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2016.

Deb’s career has been punctuated by ‘firsts’.  She was the first non-doctor to become a partner in the UK medical practice, and her group was the first non-pharmacists to own a UK pharmacy. 

To this day Deb is continuing to push the boundaries of business and in 2020 in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Deb purchased Issada Cosmetics, an Australian mineral makeup company.  In December 2020 she launched Issada Clinical Formula skincare range – a clean cosmeceutical range that has been in development for two years. In a short time Issada is making waves in the industry as a trusted leading brand that is helping businesses successfully achieve consistent growth. Deb is also a contributor to APJ JOURNAL through her column Business Wisdom.