Nourishing Your Mind for Resilience and Success

Knowledge and skills relating to mental health and mental hygiene are now considered an essential requirement to have in place for every astute business.  This is an inexhaustible topic that touches everyone’s life in this present age, both personal and professionally.  This session guarantees to provide delegates with invaluable information on how to prevent mental health challenges in the workplace and how to grow and maintain resilience for joy and productivity in the workplace.  All participants will go away with a workable solution to setting, improving and maintaining mental hygiene, both personally and in the workplace.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of mental health aberrations in yourself, you staff and in your clients.
  • Learn how to eat for mental performance and clarity during high stress load and performance expectations.
  • Discover the top 10 herbs that Nicky uses in clinic to support mental hygiene in her patients and other strategies that in her toolkit of selfcare.
  • Learn tapping techniques for an instant calming and positive response that can be applied in any and all stress and anxiety situations,
  • regardless of how you are being impacted.
About Nicky Wood

Nicky Wood is a qualified Naturopath and Evidence-based EFT Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in clinical practice. During this time Nicky also opened and managed five new 5-Star hotel spas facilities in Australian and internationally, heading up the authoring of the Spa Standards for the Hyatt International.  She is a dynamic public speaker and is renowned for her ability to communicate her incredible knowledge in practical ways, allowing her audience to immediately gain practical tools to implement in their life.

In recent times Nicky has extend her qualification in the area of Evidence-Based Emotional Freedom Techniques and advancing her skills in Trauma training for her naturopathic patients, which she implements in her clinic today.  Through her various expert areas Nicky will have a huge offering for our delegates at this conference that we believe will be value and benefit to them in dealing more effectively with mental health and mental hygiene.