Micropigmentation for Men – The European Technique

As PMU techniques become more refined, we are now seeing a rise of male clients who are seeking to benefit from the skilful application of cosmetic tattooing that is male-appropriate for the enhancement of eyebrows and even eyeliner.  Additionally, sculp micropigmentation is an ever-growing trend with the evolution of more natural treatment outcomes that are become more and more popular with conditions of alopecia and male balding. Why limit microblading only to women?  Expand your market reach by also specialising in leading male-specific techniques.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Updates on new microblading techniques
  • How to perfect a male-appropriate procedure
  • How to promote this procedure and expand your market demographic
About Anna Ocko

Anna Ocko is a Russian-born permanent makeup artist living and working in Australia. She has extensive experience in cosmetic tattooing, laser and non-laser tattoo removal and international PMU training. Anna is proficient in a diverse range of PMU techniques however she is considered a specialist in natural light shading, expressive accents and fine gradients. Anna enjoys the challenge of complex and interesting cases which she approaches with passion and attention to details. She believes the main keys to successful results are time, patience and responsibility.

Anna holds a degree in Electronic Engineering with extensive education in Chemistry, Optical and Acoustical electronics.  She also has gained education in medical devices and including several cosmetic/paramedic tattoo laser and tattoo removal techniques from experts both national and international providers. Her technical skills are based on a scientific foundation.  This allows her to push the boundaries and develop innovating techniques that deliver superior quality outcomes.  Anna is also a committed educator and trainer and loves to share her extensive skills and knowledge with her students allowing them to achieve exceptional results in various facets of PMU techniques.