Medical Microneedling for Treating Pigmentations: Protocols for Success

Pigmentation is a common and one of the most challenging skin conditions to treat.  It is considered a disorder of the melanocytes, with manifestation of excessive and uneven distribution of brown pigments resulting in hyperpigmentation, or insufficient pigment distribution resulting in hypopigmentation.  Understanding the root cause of the condition is critical to treatment success.  These can vary from sun exposure, medications, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), Melasma, Haemochromatosis, and hormonal disorders and changes in the body, such as Addison’s disease or pregnancy.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What is pigmentation?
  • Cosmetic chemistry and its links to skin cells and systems
  • What is medical microneedling?
  • Hyperpigmentation – fact or fiction
  • Treatment protocols for effective results.
About Lisa Paone

With over 19 years of progressive experience in the aesthetics industry, Lisa’s passion for education and proven ability to empower aestheticians in various industry related education roles, has led her to her role as Head of Education at Derma Aesthetics. Experienced not only in education via the traditional means, Lisa has demonstrated strong abilities in presenting via many different platforms including, but not limited to, in clinic personalised sessions, classroom presentations, online workshops and has prepared and presented at industry events. Lisa is a well-versed educator with a proven track record working alongside business owners, aestheticians and other key stakeholders to build relationships, develop skills and bring success to their businesses.