Managing Masseter Hypertrophy and Tooth Grinding Using Injectables – A Common Problem During the COVID-19 Era

A common phenomenon that we are seeing since COVID-19 is the prevalence of masseter hypertrophy and tooth grinding.  This can lead to low facial changes not to mention to tooth damages.

Botulinum toxin has many uses, both aesthetic as well as therapeutic.  This lecture will explore what is masseter hypertrophy, what causes it and the impact of tooth grinding as well as effective solutions using botulinum toxins.  This is a slightly different procedure to the common cosmetic enhancement, nevertheless a value treatment options with conditions of anxiety that contribution to teeth grinding.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What is masseter hypertrophy and what cause tooth grinding?
  • Problems and treatment options
  • Technique video
  • Risks and results of treatment
  • Examining the literature review
About Dr Giulia D’Anna

Dr D’Anna holds qualifications in Dentistry, Dermal therapies and Cosmetic injecting and is the owner of her own clinic that covers three spectrums of service – dentistry, cosmetic medicine and dermal therapies. 

Dr D’Anna is also a highly respected trainer and educator in traditional and new techniques for facial skin rejuvenation, as well as in cosmetic medicine.  She is renowned for her innovative techniques that cross over several modalities to create amazing natural and beautiful results.  In 2021 Dr D’Anna launched DERMAL DISTINCTION TRAINING ACADEMY where she provides formal training both in foundational as well as advanced cosmetic medical techniques for qualified doctors, dentists and nurses.

Giulia is also the editor of APJ JOURNAL in which she regularly contributes quality and in-depth educational article on new advances in aesthetics and cosmetic medicine.