Get Real With Instagram Reels

Did you know that Instagram redesigned their home screen to put Reels front and centre? Reels have become a powerful key frontier for organic reach of new and existing clients on the platform. In fact, companies are experiencing up to a five-fold increase in reach using Instagram reels.

The reason is very obvious – IG Reels are Instagram’s “shiny new toy”; the feature was launched directly in competition with TikTok, and Instagram is making sure they promote it to as many people as they can. With the introduction of Reels, the feedback from businesses is e clearly indicating that reels are here to stay and have a bright future ahead. This gives brands, salons and clinics a unique opportunity to ride this wave and make the most of Instagram Reels for business growth.  However, there is a skill in ensuring Instagram Reels are successful and will work for you.  Here is your change to find out how and to optimise your presence through this new platform.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What are Instagram Reels
  • How to successfully make and post Reels in Instagram
  • The different cool ways to use Instagram Reels for business success
  • How to find trending Reels
About Trish Hammond

Trish Hammond is the founder of several innovative services all of which associated with social media and all things aesthetics. She is known as the Chief Enthusiasm Officer, Aesthetic Business Consultant, owner of the Pink Room and Anybodi Aesthetics.  Her services aim to help aesthetic businesses to grow their brand’s online presence as well as helping Aesthetic patients in their recovery.

For Business owners:  The Pink Room was created specifically for aesthetic businesses waiting to take charge of their digital marketing. After seeing clinic after clinic not getting the results they hope for from their social and digital marketing, Trish was prompted to start a training and mentoring business to help aesthetic businesses to master the skills for a more strategic approach to convert their social media to customer conversion. For Patients: Trish has provided advice and support for men and women considering and undergoing aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery.  After her own  experience with weight loss, body reconstruction and aesthetic treatments she came to the realization that quality, first-hand information about aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery was difficult to come by.