Evidence-based Skincare Ingredients for Combating Skin Inflammation

Persistent and chronic skin inflammation is a growing phenomenon that is forecasted to become more common since the pandemic.  New research is identifying highly active botanicals that can offer effective treatment outcome in soothing and calming the skin – an important and essential first step prior to more invasive procedure that target the deeper layers of the skin.

Dr Donna Marcal is highly acclaimed research scientist who specialises in inflammation, how it contributes to health issues and effective ways of minimizing and mitigating both systemic and inflammation of the skin. 

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What is systemic inflammation and how it contributes to disease in both skin and body.
  • How inflammation contributes to skin ageing
  • What are some of the most scientifically supported botanical ingredients in soothing and calming the skin
  • Why should mitigating skin inflammation be her priority before introducing o invasive skin treatment
About Dr Donna Marçal

Dr Marçal is a specialist doctor in human Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa, Canada.  Dr Marçal specialises in inflammation and how the body reacts to foreign materials.  Her work has been published in numerous highly respected biomedical industry journals around the world.

Dr Marçal has been awarded several international research fellowships for her work including The Prime Minister’s Science Award from Australia.  Upon her Sydney research visit, she investigated the human biochemistry pathway involved in inflammation and biomaterial responses using advanced proteomics techniques in collaboration with the Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility at the University of NSW (UNSW).  Her work on specific human proteins and their functions in human inflammation awarded her an Endeavour Research Fellowship from the Australian Government.  She has also worked with the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (Brisbane Qld) on high profile projects.  Dr Marcal then switched her focus to continue her work on macrophage-mediated inflammation in Atherosclerosis with the Macrophage Biology Group at UNSW in Sydney.

Shy continued her work in inflammation, cholesterol transport and cell signalling in macrophages before launching and becoming the driving force behind the skincare Dermatonics ®.  Her knowledge in human inflammation is central to the formulations behind each Dermatonics ® skincare product in combination with her business partner and husband, Dr Helder Marçal.