Ethos, Purpose and Professionalism

In recent times all businesses have and continue to experience significant social and business instability. Businesses are now required to become flexible and adaptable to change, while also remaining resilient in order to survive.  However, in a constantly changing world the true pillars of success are based on our core values that provide for us a place of stability, a confirmation of who we are and what we stand for.

Real change first and foremost is an inside job. It doesn’t just come from new policies and procedures, nor does it come from hacking superficially at the leaves of attitude with quick fix personality techniques, but rather, it comes from striking at the root and fabric of our thoughts, our ethos, purpose and beliefs – the fundamental, essential paradigms, which give definition to our character and create the lens through which we see the world. Gaining clarity on values that we base our life will provide us with a safer platform to launch ourselves to levels of higher success, personal growth and professional and business achievement.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What is ethos and how to use it as a stabilising anchor
  • A historical review of ethos and ethics
  • How to establish an unshakable foundation for your life and business
  • Facing the future with greater confidence
About Tina Viney

Tina Viney is a visionary, leading authority and figurehead in the Australian Aesthetics Industry and the CEO of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN), a leading industry standards body/association that has established a unique reach between aesthetics at VET level qualifications, extending to higher education in clinical aesthetics and dermal therapies and bridging also into cosmetic medicine.

 Tina has extensive industry knowledge and expertise in governance and in the shaping of industry standards for over five decades.  Over the years she has served in leading positions on Association Boards and with various industry bodies including an active participant in working groups for with the Government for the development of regulations as well as in curriculum development both in the VET sector, as well as an active member for curriculum development with three universities, introducing   tertiary qualification in dermal therapies and clinical aesthetics. She has received multiple industry awards for her contribution to the advancement of the industry.

Her unique insight and valuable expertise have resulted in continued and notable advancements of the aesthetics industry on both state and national levels. 

Internationally focused, Tina continues to innovate and forge relationships with European societies, international research companies, as well as other industry association bodies from various counties for the purposes of both information exchange, as well as to share and support other organisations in their own professional development.

Over the years, she has published 113 industry journals holding senior editor positions. 

Her focus and passion are in advancing the standards of best practice within the aesthetics industry through evidence-based science and through meaningful collaborations with leading medical and aesthetic industry bodies.