Diving Deeper Into SPF

You would think by now that all would know how to use SPF successfully for their UVR protection. Sadly, this is not of the case, even among skin and healthcare professionals. In this presentation Professor Terry Everitt will present a comprehensive explanation of how SPF works for all and from the same bottle – how do they achieve the SPF and how does SPF protect the skin? This lecture will explore these issues and more, including the latest changes and regulations regarding sun protection from the Therapeutic Goods Administration and other acronyms. Additionally, you will learn:

  • Understand d the facts behind SPF: MED = 2mg:cm2
  • UVR eye protection
  • Protection beyond UVR
About Prof. Terry Everitt

Professor Terry Everitt is an internationally accomplished educator having crafted multiple skills in the clinical aesthetic area for three decades. He originally trained in Los Angeles and is now Sydney based at the Australasian College of Health and Wellness while having his own company Aesthetic Educators Pty Ltd. A regular speaker and MC at medical and aesthetic conferences in the Cosmetic and Anti-Ageing specialties. And a member of APAN National Advisory Board and Journal Advisory Board for the Aesthetics Practitioners Journal. Terry remains sought after for his eloquent speaking skills and ability to make technical subject matter easier to understand. His knowledge and experience particularly in the Higher Education space cumulated in being awarded the title of Enterprise Professor of Aesthetic Sciences in 2019.