Confessions of a Cosmetic Nurse

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, beauty therapist or business owner, transitioning into the world of cosmetic medicine is an exciting prospect! But alongside great opportunities come various challenges within the aesthetic field of practice. 

APAN is often contacted by nurses and doctors who are looking to enter the aesthetic field of medicine.  As part of the APAN Resource Document APAN has developed a Cosmetic Injectors’ Compliance Kit with key information surrounding guidelines and regulations for both practitioners and business owners alike. But what is it like in practice?

We are delighted to introduce to you Annalise Rose, who transitioned from beauty therapy to Registered Nurse after completing university qualifications and went on to become a cosmetic nurse injector. In this lecture she shares her firsthand experiences, lessons learned and valuable information she wished she knew when entering the world of cosmetic medicine. A poignant and down-to-earth presentation, this talk will provide valuable advice, insight and guidance to ensure your success in this field.

Whether you are a cosmetic injector or a business owner who wants to introduce this modality to your business, this lecture will advise you on:

  • Where to begin within the industry and how you can help it grow.
  • How to gain confidence in your practice.
  • The changing focus on support and safety within the industry, and how you can get ahead of the game.
  • Tips to successfully work both as a solo practitioner and within a team environment as a cosmetic injector.
About Annalise Rose

Annalise Rose is a Registered Nurse working as a cosmetic injector in Melbourne. She entered the beauty industry 13yrs ago gaining experience as a salon technician, skincare counter manager and senior beauty therapist at leading day spas. Annalise returned to university to complete her nursing degree to pursue her dream of delivering cosmetic injectable treatments. After years working as a Registered Nurse in busy Melbourne hospitals, she now dedicates her time solely to aesthetic practice.

Annalise has an Advance Diploma of Beauty Therapy from Helene Abicair and holds a Bachelor of Nursing with Distinction from Deakin University. She was also granted a Leadership Award as selected by her nursing peers in her final year at Deakin University.

When treating cosmetic patients, she provides safe, compassionate care with a strong focus on natural beauty and her detailed treatment plans and keen eye for detail make Annalise an asset to the field of aesthetics.