Botched Ink: Eyeliner and Cosmetic Tattoo Removal and Corrections

With the ever-growing popularity of eyebrow microblading as well as cosmetic tattoo techniques the demand for training is constantly on the rise.  However, as an unregulated procedure, short courses are delivering training that are often deficient, leading to incorrect and often disastrous end results.  This is impacting the constant need for eyebrow and even eyeliner removal and correction.  However, once such a procedure has impacted the skin the removal process can be traumatic and even risk.  This lecture will provide you with valuable demonstrations on the removal and corrective technique and how to avoid further skin trauma and damage.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • How to safely remove and correct eyeliner tattoo
  • Video Demo and case studies
  • The healing process and what to expect
  • Top tips for successful correction and removal
About Katherine McCann

Katherine McCann is a nationally accredited cosmetic tattooist and qualified beauty professional based on the Gold Coast. She is a tertiary postgraduate with a strong background in Human Resource Management, training, and strategic business development and founder of FaceBox HQ.

Katherine has taught at both vocational and university levels and is a regular speaker, contributor, and educator in across the local, national, and international platforms and a specialist in her field of advanced cosmetic and paramedical restorative tattooing.

Holding an advisory role within the Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN), Katherine is also an active industry contributor and passionate about regulations and standards. She has been both a journalist for the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo Australia, and editor of the APJ Journal and has a keen interest in of micro-pigmentation and trauma resolution.

More recently, it’s Katherine’s edgy flair and result-orientated approach in taking on the more challenging cosmetic tattoo correction and restorative work and it’s her boundary pushing outcomes and results which is really gaining traction and sees her technical training skills in high demand on both the national and international fronts. A leader and consistent mentor for other industry professionals and technicians worldwide, education enquiries, research and cross collaboration projects are always welcome.