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Monday, 23 September 2019

About the Event

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND APAN is launching its Inaugural COSMETIC TATTOO CONFERENCE. Our objective is to deliver something very different, but extremely valuable. The key focus will be in-depth technical education and thought-provoking discussions on an extensive range of topics.


  • Technically advanced Cosmetic Tattooing Anti-ageing techniques for the mature client
  • Correcting Micro-blading errors and how to prevent them
  • Cosmetic tattoo removal – what happens to the skin and how to minimise risk
  • Cosmetic Tattooing procedures for Cancer Patients
  • Scalp Micropigmentation – advances in techniques
  • Two-tone smoky eye-liner technique
  • The new trend in 3-D lip techniques
  • Updates on infection control and topical anaesthetic regulations
  • Advanced Ombre techniques in achieving the perfect eyebrow
  • Microblading and the next step in advancing your techniques
  • Panel discussion on how to overcome current challenges and grow your business
  • Updates on colour theory
  • The issue of self-regulation and ethics
  • Consultation form – getting it right for best practice

There will be a small exhibition that will support this event.  Attendees will receive a Statement of Attendance and they will gain 6 CPD Points towards their Continuing Professional Development if they are a CTARP Registered Practitioner.

Keynote speakers

June Warry

June Warry

Qualified Beauty Therapist and Cosmetic Tattooist

Chris Testa

Chris Testa

Compounding Pharmacist

Carlye Pymble

Carlye Pymble

Cosmetic Tattoo Lecturer and Trainer

Ashley Gilmour

Ashley Gilmour

Clinical Psychologist

Robert McGowan

Robert McGowan

CEO THink Aesthetics

Danielle Scott

Danielle Scott

Medical Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

Kiyomi McPherson

Kiyomi McPherson

Cosmetic Tattoo Designer

Michael Bishop

Michael Bishop

Senior Legal Partner

Katherine McCann

Katherine McCann

Cosmetic Tattooist
APJ Editor


Legends Mantra, Gold Coast

25 Laycock St, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

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As the industry becomes more competitive astute consumers are looking for skilled and qualified practitioners and are contacting APAN to check on credentials.

Tina Viney is the CEO of APAN has been involved in the drafting of education and in the development of professional standards for the aesthetics and cosmetic tattooing industry since the introduction of the National Training Packages were introduced in 1996.

In this lecture she will discuss updates and the current status of education for cosmetic tattooists as well as the role of professional development and where they both fit in best practice.

Tina Viney

Since the advent of social media, appearance enhancement procedures are extensively promoted increasing both their demand and the calibre of client that may also be suffering from underlying mental issues. Dysmorphia and the newly defined conditions called Snapchat Dysmorphia are now becoming more prevalent, leading to the on-going challenge of meeting with their unrealistic expectations through your cosmetic tattoo procedures.

Ashley Gilmour is a qualified and registered Clinical Psychologist who holds a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours and Master of Clinical Psychology. Ashley is renowned as highly experienced in her field of clinical psychology and in the areas of prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders, with over 10 years of clinical practice in the field.

In this lecture she will present valuable clinical information on Dysmorphia and the symptoms to look for when conducting your consultation process. She will also explain to tactfully and legally decline with going ahead with your procedure.

Ashley Gilmour
Clinical Psychologist

The standard mapping of brow design is traditionally guided by specific principles with the objective of achieve a balanced and well-shaped brow.

Cosmetic tattooist and owner of The Brow Bakery, Kiyomi McPherson is tearing up the traditional playbook when it comes to eyebrow restoration, shaping and it’s all thanks to her unique way of brow mapping and design.   Taking on a wholistic approach, Kiyomi takes numerous considerations into account including the overall shape of a person’s face, as well as specific aspects of their body shape and other unique characteristics.  Kiyomi's new design breakthrough helps create brows that will last decades and are fast becoming a benchmark in eyebrow excellence and natural feature enhancement.

In this lecture, Kiyomi will present the amazing new principles of her unique eyebrow mapping that takes precision and balance to a whole new level. You will also learn how by using these principals you will be able to deliver greater outcome satisfaction for both the client and tattooing specialist as they use a customised approach to ensure the best end result and amazing eyebrow shape and finish.

Kiyomi McPherson

What options do you have for cosmetic tattoo removal? Laser, saline solutions, acidic solutions, topical creams, dermabrasion and even surgery are all options available in the market. Expense, pain and failure are common issues. Learn what might work and what will work, and why?

Robert McGowan is CEO of THink Aesthetics (RTO 45188) and has studied chemistry at master’s level. He is passionate about providing viable solutions for cosmetic tattoo removal that are effective, safe and comfortable. Good removal techniques are essential for the future of the industry. Cosmetic tattoo designs, techniques, work quality and expectations are constantly changing and all have improved dramatically in just the past five years. Often the only way to get the full benefit is to remove old work and start afresh.

In this lecture you will learn about the various options and why it is also important that poor quality work can be removed. Robert will also share strategies to help you deal with clients by providing the right removal advice to those who have unfortunately ended up with a less than ideal result from any cosmetic tattooing procedure and how it can be partly or fully removed with minimum fuss and trauma to the skin.

Robert McGowan

The latest statistics in Australia estimate that in 2019, an estimate of 19,535 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed (164 males and 19,371 females). In 2019, it is estimated that the risk of an individual being diagnosed with breast cancer by their 85th birthday will be 1 in 7 (1 in 675 males and 1 in 7 females). Redesigning the nipple areola can bring new life to a patient and transform their life to feeling more normal again and cosmetic tattooing is an incredible valuable tool to achieve this.

Danielle Scott is a qualified and highly experienced cosmetic tattooists who specialises in advanced techniques in scar camouflage, breast and areola pigmentation. Since originally training with Val Glover-Hovan, she has over the years, undertaken advanced training, workshops, boot camps, seminars and international master classes. Her attention to detail and her compassion and care for her clients and patients have ensured that she has been kept busy servicing both her own private clients and patients, as well as those of many of Australia’s leading plastic surgeons with her services being constantly in demand.

In this lecture Danielle will present some of the more advanced 3D techniques in designing and delivering a natural-looking nipple areola as well as discuss how you can best support your patient through their traumatic cancer journey.

Danielle Scott
Danielle Scott Medical Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

Social media now offers numerous platforms that allow individuals and communities to spontaneously discuss their joys and grievances sometimes in the most descriptive and colourful way. This can sometimes be detrimental for businesses especially with some revert to trolls -someone who purposely says something controversial in order to get a refund or to create harm regarding a person, a product or a procedure.

Michael Bishop is a lawyer and a senior partner of Pointon Partner Lawyers – a highly respect law firm in Melbourne and APAN preferred legal adviser and service provider.

In this lecture Michael will provide you with an update on the latest defamation and social media laws, laws about plagiarism of other people’s images and work as well as rules for before and after photos. Michael will also discuss new SOCIAL MEDIA POLITIES that the firm has developed that aims at stopping your employees from commenting on work matters in their private, social media accounts.

Michael Bishop
Senior Partner, Pointon Partner Lawyers

In the past five years cosmetic tattooing has experienced numerous advances both as a profession as well as an artform. This presentation will explore the educational, scientific as well as the artistic advances that are defining the evolution of Cosmetic Tattooing as a respected profession. The panel will also share their views on current business challenges and winning strategies to grow a success practice.

Bring your questions to present to the panel as this will be an interactive session.

12:00-1:00PM LUNCH BREAK

A well-designed consultation form and process is worth its weight in gold. Not only does it allow you to collect essential data, but it also provides you with the opportunity to gain some real insight into your potential clients underpinnings behind their cosmetic tattoo decisions and social behavioural patterns.

Katherine McCann is an award-winning accredited cosmetic tattooist and qualified beauty professional based on the Gold Coast. She is a tertiary postgraduate with a strong background in Human Resource Management, Employment relations, training and strategic business development and has taught at both vocational and University level. Katherine holds an advisory role within the Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN), is a Committee member of the Australian Association of Cosmetic Tattoo and is an active industry contributor and passionate about regulations and standards.

Often referred to as ‘front end management’ Katherine explains the WHY behind her multi-pronged consultation approach and the importance behind the ability to ask loaded questions and interpret the unspoken in order to achieve optimal outcomes both professionally and artistically. She will also discuss how successful knowledge transfer can substantially minimise the possibility of potential risks, difficult clients and red flags which as any industry professional is aware, can be stressful and very costly.

Katherine McCann

Microblading for eyebrow enhancement has experienced explosive popularity and is currently considered the highest in-demand, must-have grooming procedure.

June Warry is a qualified beauty therapist and cosmetic tattooist. She has seen many changes during her 20 years in an industry that she is passionate about. June chose to specialise in Cosmetic Tattooing 15 years ago and during that time she has travelled extensively, researching and expanding her knowledge as well as receiving tuition in the latest techniques from the world’s finest artists – Will Anthony, Clare Hobson, Nhung Phang, Rebecca Chung and Stefanie Toms just to name a few.

This lecture June will present some of the latest techniques in achieving amazing eyebrow designs, appropriate risk-management strategies and pathways to expanding your scope of practice by upskilling through the use of machine techniques.

 June Warry
Qualified Beauty Therapists and Cosmetic Tattooists

The issue of pain management is important to ensure client comfort and loyalty when performing procedures such as cosmetic tattooing, skin-needling or equipment that target the dermis.
The procedure of pain management is considered a therapeutic procedure and therefore utilises topical anaesthetics that are classified as drugs.

Chris Testa is Australia’s most respected compounding pharmacist and the foremost expert and leading educator in compounding formulations. He is the author of APAN’s on-line course on The Safe Use of Topical Anaesthetics and is acknowledged as an authority in this very specialised area of customised formulations including topical anaesthetics.

In this lecture Chris will cover updates on what is happening in the topical anaesthetic space and new advances in training and education, equipping practitioners to gain appropriate knowledge in the chemistry of compounds, how they work and effective protocols to minimise risk.

Chris Testa
Tugun Compounding Pharmacy

As a professional, or business owner you are required to ensure you are fully aware of your obligations when it comes to regulatory and licensing issues relating to the procedures you perform. These may be dermal needling, Cosmetic Tattooing or Microblading, etc. APAN is acutely aware of many within the industry who have a limited understanding of these requirements and are failing to comply with their legislative requirements, including possessing the appropriate infection control qualification. This could lead to enforcement action being taken and could result in potential closure of the business or extensive fines.

David Gould is a Principal Environmental Health Officer, with the Communicable Diseases Infection Management division of Queensland Health. He has worked extensively with our industry in helping us understand and maintain compliance to the regulation.

In this lecture David will present an update on the licensing and regulatory requirements for cosmetic tattooists and microblading practitioners as well as updates that can influence your business.

David Gould
Principal Environmental Health Officer, Qld Health (Communicable Diseases and Infection Management Section)

Optimise your long-term treatment results with the best possible pigment retention. This requires the highest standards of technique, equipment, pigment and aftercare. Ensure your technique provides layered depth of colour without the risk of dermal pigment migration.

Carlye is a Master Cosmetic Tattoo Instructor at THink Aesthetics (RTO 45188), training both experienced cosmetic tattooists and students in a wide range of procedures, plus customised training for technique development which she delivers through a comprehensive one-on-one training from beginners to advanced procedures. Carlye also has 19 years of experience in the beauty industry and is a fully qualified educator, who has trained in excess of 200 students to Beauty Therapy Diploma level.

In this lecture Carlye will present the tips and tricks for improving your pigment retention and ensuring greater client satisfaction and loyalty when performing your cosmetic tattooing treatments.

Carlye Pymble

Litigation is on the increase as consumer expectations are becoming more and more demanding and oftentimes unreasonable. There is much we can learn from a season insurance profession about the nature of these trends so that we can guard and protect ourselves from falling victim to being sued even if we have done nothing wrong.

Suzanne Sparrow-Crisp is a specialist insurance provider servicing the beauty industry, cosmetic tattooing, laser and cosmetic medicine and beyond. She has extensive experience of over 20 years as well as a strong understanding of the dynamics and risks of this industry.

In this lecture Sue will share with us insight into current changes that are happening in the cosmetics tattooing arena. She will also share some incredible statistics and trends and advise the most effective strategies to have in place to substantially minimise your risk of falling prey to both harassment and being sued.

Sue Sparrow-Crisp
Director, Sparrow Group Insurance

Designing beautiful lips can instantly transform one’s appearance and there is so much that can be achieved, from creating the illusion of fuller lips to correcting minor abnormalities and lack of balance and symmetry. However, lips are one of the most delicate and vascular features, so pain management is a key consideration.

Katherine McCann has developed her incredible hybrid technique that allows you to achieve, amazing youthful end results using colour and without the need for extensive anaesthetics. In this presentation she will share some of the secrets of her technique using colour and shading to create the illusion of natural symmetry and contour as well as effective ways to overcome the extensive pain hurdle in order to achieve optimal healed end results.

Katherine McCann



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